The Non-Jungle Book: Recapturing Your Story from a Plot Gone Wild

So, the outline of what began as a simple-enough story has become less a sturdy structure and more of a jungle, complete with tangled vines. All you remember doing is adding a reflective scene or two to lend your structure some satisfying symmetry; frosting your characters with a little more philosophy, a little more humor; taking mental notes as you listened to the news, read a great book, watched your favorite movie again, observed a breathtaking sunset, etc., each time thinking I’ll use this in my writing, and my writing will be richer for it.

And now here you are. A less-intrepid Mowgli in your own damned story.

Mowgli chilling with wolves

Rescuing a comprehensible story that flows well from an outline gone jungly is possible. Here are some tips:

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